I'm Guido!
I'm Guido!
My family’s fenced in backyard is my home, but I like to roam wherever my paws will take me! Some daring dogs like to escape by digging underneath their fences to run in the street.
The Problem
The Problem
Running free in the neighborhood can be dangerous. I tried to think of ways we could stay safely in our yards without being restricted to a small area by a chain or electric fence or collar.
A Hero Rises!
A Hero Rises!
One afternoon some neighborhood kids kicked a ball that came zooming over the fence and I was struck with an idea! A ball can’t slide under any fence-wooden or wire!
Introducing the OleBallnChain!
Introducing the OleBallnChain!
It’s the dog-friendly and humane tool to keep adventurous dogs like me safe in our yards.
The OleBallnChain Kit
The OleBallnChain Kit
Each kit comes with a 1-11-3/4” hollow, non toxic plastic ball, 1-2.5 ft chain and easy latch snap attachment link, 1 flexible chain cover tube. These kits are an affordable $29.99.

The Oleballnchain allows your dog to have complete freedom of movement in your fenced in yard, without fear of escape by your dog digging under the fence. Each ball kit comes with:

  • 1-11-3/4” hollow plastic ball
  • 1- 2.5 ft chain and attachment link
  • 1-  flexible chain cover tube
Assembly Required.
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Price: $29.99
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Indiana residents add 7% sales tax.
Technical specifications

11.75” hollow plastic ball and flexible chain cover. Non toxic plastic. Chain includes pet clasp and attachment link and is corrosion resistant. Maximum pull strength 50 lbs. Ball weighs less than 1.5 lbs, shipping weight 3 lbs or less.
About OleBallnChain

Ever wonder how to keep your dog from escaping your yard by digging under the fence? Well now you can keep your dog from escaping while still allowing him to move freely in the yard.


Introducing the simple, affordable, safe, and pet friendly dog containment system, The Oleballnchain. The Oleballnchain is an engineered dog restraint for dogs up to 50 lbs featuring a proprietary flexible, hollow, air-less, non toxic plastic ball and easy latch snap link, and is made in the USA!

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Dog Fence Restraint System Assembly Instructions

Dog Fence Restraint System Terms and Conditions

FAQs Minimize
  1. Never swing ball by ball or chain end. Misuse could result in serious injury.
  2. Use this product only with a pet harness (not included). Never use this product with a choke collar or similar.
  3. Keep away from open flames.
  4. Not intended to be used as a floatation device.
  5. Use only on dogs under adult supervision. Never leave your pet unattended for an extended period of time.
  6. Clear yard of potentially hazardous items before use of this product, including obstructions. Not for use with barbed wire or electric fences.
  7. Intended for small to medium dogs up to 50 lbs. Do not use on dogs that jump over, rather than dig under, a fence. Not for use with elevated fences such as balconies or raised porches.
  8. Small parts and packaging may present choking hazard.
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